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Hopes for Headwaters Junction continue

By December 16, 2019May 20th, 2020News and Updates

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Months after making a deal to take over railroad right-of-way space along the riverfront, the people with Headwaters Junction hold out hope that their dream will become a reality, despite complications along the riverfront.

“We want to create an attraction for the 21st century that looks, feels and is inspired by the history of our city,” explained Kelly Lynch, executive director of the Headwaters Junction Project. “That history is one of swagger, of industry, of connectivity, of class, of romance.”

Earlier this month, the public got its first look at the design plans for the second and third phases of riverfront development. The railroad museum and entertainment complex was not included, despite being a mainstay in riverfront renderings for years.

The determination of Lynch and those board members continues despite the questions over the riverfront land.

“Just within the last two or three years alone, we’ve been able to raise $2 million, without having a site selected,” Lynch said. “Having a site selected is critical for the next step and we have to be very mindful that wherever the project lands, that its programming, events, reach, impact, its ability to draw in 140-thousand people a year is maintained.”

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