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"Riverfront like no other"

By October 30, 2014January 8th, 2015#riverfrontfw, News and Updates

Last night, SWA Group unveiled the evolving plan for the city’s river district. During their presentation, they again claimed that Headwaters Junction will be an important attraction that activates the riverfront area.

From the City of Fort Wayne:

Fort Wayne’s riverfront plan is one step closer to being finalized and envisions a unique waterfront experience. The City’s riverfront consultant, SWA Group, unveiled the latest version of the proposal at a public meeting this evening. The draft plan calls for a focus on nature, recreation and development with construction of a riverfront promenade being the first phase of the plan.

The promenade would be located on both the north and south banks of the St. Marys River. It would incorporate two levels, one lower to the water and one higher that would connect to shopping, dining and residential areas along Superior Street. Rooftop terraces and pedestrian bridges would also be part of the promenade area, as would Headwaters Junction, a rail-themed attraction and home to the historic 765 steam locomotive.

“We’re envisioning a waterfront experience unique to Fort Wayne,” said Kinder Baumgardner, president of SWA Group. “The combination of elements in this draft plan will create something extraordinary, something you will only find in Fort Wayne.”

21 Alive also reports:

Fort Wayne is one step closer to making its riverfront development dreams a reality as the City’s consultants presented the latest plans. Nature, recreation, and accessibility — those are what consultants focused on when they revealed the latest plans for the riverfront development study Wednesday night.

It was a more detailed look at the many ideas submitted by the community since last November.

“I think the devil is kind of in the details that really create this sense of place that is a regional draw not only a local draw,” said Pam Holocher Deputy Director of Community Development.

History buff Tom Grant is keen on including historical sites like the Old Fort, Wells Street Bridge and Headwaters Junction to new ones, but says no bad ideas were presented Wednesday night.

“Start the energy around the rivers, and then gradually let that energy and what’s happening build and draw the investment from the private sector,” said Grant who’s been living in Fort Wayne for more than 30 years.

“I’m just excited to see where it all ends up,” said Rorick.

Holocher says the consulting group will use the surveys to narrow down ideas for a final plan, which will be presented in January along with potential costs.