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“An Elegant and Obvious Addition to Headwaters Park”

Eric Kuhne, the visionary whose work began in Fort Wayne and has since taken him international, is a proponent of the “pageantry of civic life,” and believes that the infrastructure of the future will not be mere bridges and roads, but “leisure” – i.e. quality of life.

As we discovered in October, Kuhne originally proposed including steam locomotive no. 765 in the 200+ plan for Headwaters Park, imagining an area of transit activity that is “functional, directed, entertaining way to view the entire park, a relaxing means to visit components of the park, and an understated recreation system,” preferring a meaningful visitor experience over “carnival rides.” We kept track of Kuhne’s comments and presentations with the hashtag #kuhne. His presentations largely focused on returning to aspects of his original plan, under the name “Headwaters Park 2.0” with emphasis on taking control of riverside green-space and creating Waterworks Park.

In an interview, Kuhne confided with Fort Wayne Magazine on Headwaters Junction, calling it:

“…an elegant and obvious addition, honoring the city’s railroad legacy and adding diversity to the park’s appeal. It would be exceptional.”

As inspiring as Kuhne’s presentation was, his repeated comments that Fort Wayne must rise up and take ownership of projects that will contribute to quality of life were most stirring: “The ideas that are flowing around are so provocative…someone just has to push the button to get things moving,” imploring that the city needs courage to start “moving some dirt around.”