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Making Connections

In an economy where talent comes in all shapes, sizes and ethnicities, where the best places…have to compete for the best talent in the world, the only way to retain talent is to offer the kind of place that provides emotional attachment.

Headwaters Junction champions a time and place that represented shared purpose, common destinations, and a sense of community and connectivity.

Today, those connections go far beyond rail and tie.

A young girl blows the horn on a train in New Haven:


A father, son, and railroad employee wave to steam locomotive no. 765 in St. Louis:


A family aboard the 765’s train:

Families explore the 765 during an open house in New Haven:


A visitor to the restoration shop in New Haven discovers the 765, even when its static:



Payne, Ohio let school out in September, 2010 to see the train pull into town: