“Headwaters Junction speaks to the potential of downtown.”

By December 27, 2012 February 3rd, 2015 Legacy Fort Wayne, News and Updates, Press Coverage

Headwaters Junction not only speaks to the potential of downtown but it speaks to the hearts of so many dedicated, intelligent, free-thinking individuals striving to create the downtown Fort Wayne that they want to experience.

Fort Wayne’s Downtown Improvement District covers Headwaters Junction at their blog.

The DID’s rep, Steven Bailey writes:

“Once I saw the train for myself, I was able to understand its appeal. The No. 765 Engine is big and bold yet friendly. It would be hard not to stop and stare as it passes by. Trying to understand why No. 765 isn’t living and breathing in downtown Fort Wayne, Kelly tells me that, “this is like Fort Wayne having the world’s most famous animals with no zoo to put them in.”

He goes on to say that he “spent the bulk of my life experiencing what this attraction does to every town that it travels to. It is not a passive, static experience. It is a sensory experience. You can see it, taste it, and smell it. The ground shakes when it goes by. It is a magnet attraction. Most people that see it for the first time say that it looks like something out of a movie.”



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