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Headwaters Junction Scores High in Legacy Fort Wayne Evaluation

In the category of Downtown Development & Rivers, Headwaters Junction hit high at an average of 62 points in a detailed evaluation process by Legacy Fort Wayne, falling only below “local boutiques, shops downtown,” (67 points), a public market (77 points) and a downtown riverfront district (76 points), all of which fall directly within the Headwaters Junction concept or are included in parts of the plan as either including or helping to establish.

Ideas were scored on impact areas, long term interest of the community, quality and feasibility, and direct benefits to the people of Fort Wayne.

The documents are available online here.

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  • Troy says:

    So if all those ideas are incorperated into HEadwaters Junction, why are they listed as seperate ideas?

    • Kelly Lynch says:

      A good point to raise, Troy.

      Headwaters Junction as a conceptual plan has been purposefully designed to have a lot of “elbow room” or conceptual real estate beyond its primary purposes or functions. See this part of the plan, written in October, 2010 and published on the this site in January:

      It conceives a farmers market, outdoor garden, river access, live work studios, artistic and cultural space, and miscellaneous retail that would help anchor the overall development and diversify its offerings. The summary of the idea submitted to Legacy Fort Wayne included mention of these and other parts of the plan.

      Additionally, retail and riverfront development, for example, are not necessarily “new” to the conversation, and in this case are separate ideas that individuals and organizations submitted independently to Legacy Fort Wayne for consideration.

      What this is meant to show is that a consistent “theme” is emerging over time, some of which is touched on in this post which recalls research in 2007 regarding the public’s desires for North River.