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North River circa 2007 and Endorsements in 2011

In 2007, Fort Wayne was leading an effort to figure out how to redevelop North River. An involved charrette process yielded a lot of community input and the city has updated their archives on their redesigned website, releasing a summary of the community input process from July, 2007. Of great interest are these responses below in bold, which are tied directly into the Headwaters Junction concept.

Imagine it is 10 years from now, what types of uses do you see at the North River site?
-Water park venue


Small retail shops

-Family sports

Fort Wayne history and urban themes

What are some of the traits or characteristics of the uses you envision at the site?

Density and design

Urban features

Connection to the river

Fort Wayne history

Now that you have a vision for potential development on the site, what do you see as the relationship between the site and the surrounding area including the river and nearby attractions?
Linkages between the site and surrounding areas

Pedestrian linkages to the river

Greenways connecting downtown, Lawton Park, Science Central, and Wells Street

Additionally, more meetings with neighborhood associations and civic groups have yielded a continuous stream of support and interest. The following organizations officially endorse the Headwaters Junction Conceptual Plan.

  • Wells Street Historic Corridor and Business Association
  • Fort Wayne Trails
  • Arts United
  • Friends of the Rivers
  • Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce
  • Downtown Improvement District
  • Friends of the Parks
  • Bloomingdale Neighborhood Association
  • Nebraska Neighborhood Association
  • Northside Neighborhood Association
  • Northwest Area Partnership