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Headwaters Junction represents two years of research and imagination emboldened by a year of amazing perspective gathering throughout the community.

All of 2010 was spent speaking with civic, political, business, and neighborhood leaders to get their feedback, reaction, and thoughts on the idea. This work has resulted in the Headwaters Junction Conceptual Plan, which illustrates the nuts and bolts of the entire concept. It is my hope that the idea will have a seat at the table when time comes to conceive how to redevelop North River, as there are no doubt many interests to be acknowledged in what happens on this unique corner of Fort Wayne.

I believe this idea to be in harmony with Downtown Blueprint Plus and PlanIt!Allen and true to the spirit of the North River Now initiative. It has been tremendous to reflect upon these reports during and after writing the plan and to discover new efforts like Vision 2020, which aim to help reinvent and shake the dust off our region.

Many have remarked that the Headwaters Junction concept is the best proposal for North River that they’ve ever seen, but accolades don’t build buildings. Flip through these pages, download the PDF  (Executive Summary, Conceptual Development Plan) of the plan, and let your thoughts about it be known. Your support and insight remain valuable as this plan is by no means final and it was written to take into consideration other possibilities and developments, too.

It has been a tremendous and challenging year, but the potential for amazing things has never been brighter. It is my hope that the conceptual plan represents an honest and genuine effort to help improve our city and our region that is backed up with hard facts, meaningful study, comparable projects, and passion.

For a 25 year old that knew very little of what to do with this idea a year ago, I have many people to thank for helping show me the way.

Kelly Lynch

Project Manager

Headwaters Junction, LLC

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