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The opportunities to do remarkable things come infrequently. It is also uncommon that such a sweeping number of possibilities make themselves available within the same period or that the time is right within the community to take full advantage of them.

Like all great possibilities, the time to act can be limited. The magnetic power of the 765 can be multiplied to encompass all of Northeast Indiana but only if a coordinated, harmonious movement begins now. The 765 was once Fort Wayne’s gateway to downtown and could be again.

The Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, flush with nearly 40 years of successful operation, has begun the task of planning for the future. Like the locomotives it owns and operates, these plans have wheels that must eventually come to rest somewhere. As the organization begins to improve its facilities in New Haven to better suit its restoration and operation activities, it does so knowing the potential to realize Headwaters Junction comes with a time frame. Expansion to downtown would not only further the organization’s mission, but elevate Fort Wayne in the process.

The corner of 4th and Clinton can be a place for romance and imagination; a bright cornerstone to the downtown experience that is cultivated from our own heritage.

What would a day at Headwaters Junction be like for you?